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So I finally got round to reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, started it yesterday and just finished.

Short 110 pages, but the pages were very densely packed.   Not a great deal of dialogue to give the book some whitespace generally recommended in novels. What dialogue there was was melded together with multiple speakers in the same paragraph mixed in with description.

I do not really see that as a bad thing, may have been deliberate, I should read one of his other novels to see if he does spacing with dialogue at all.  I say may have been deliberate because a book about claustrophobia and loneliness needed that denseness, that constant torrent of description to give the reader that feeling of pressure.

For a novel where the main character is mostly waiting or staring at trees it was gripping and I wish I had been able to read it all in one sitting.


I think Apocolypse Now brought the book beautifully to life and Coppola’s manipulation of the ramblings of Brando was a better Kurtz then Conrad’s.