Ok, so I’m not going to be writing in this blog every day.    That is painfully obvious.

I think the blame can be planted squarely on my inability to get away from World of Warcraft.    Deleted twenty-ish characters today, leaves me with eight.   I set up Play Time Limits, I know I can go in and change them, wonder if I will.   Limited myself to 4.30am to 6am and 4pm to 5pm Monday to Friday and 4.30am to 9.30am and 3pm to 5pm on the weekends.   Still 26.5 hours and considered “Addicted”, but it’s less then what I play now.

I did learn something today – Joseph Conrad (the author) was born Josef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski and English was his third language.   Might explain why his novels are big on big words, he is overcompensating.  Started Heart of Darkness and Marlow is using Martin Sheen’s voice as I’m reading.