So I entered NaNoWriMo in November 2014.  The idea being that you write a novel of 50000 words within the 30 days of November.

You write quickly and do your best to get the first draft of a novel down.   No one expects to be able to sell what they write in NaNoWriMo without some serious editing, but it gets you writing and has both a goal and a deadline backed by a community of helpful supportive people doing the same thing.

I managed to do the fifty thousand words by the 24th, of which I’m proud.

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What I wrote is never likely to be seen by anyone, I have no intention of editing it for publication.  Partly because it is horrible and partly because I never wrote it for anyone but myself.

The “Pirates of the Arafura” had pirates and zombies so you can imagine how horrible it was.   And plot holes that would swallow solar systems.   It was a learning experience and made me feel good to actually show I could write that much.

I hope I can follow up on it this year.   I am thinking short stories for the first six months then work on planning another novel for November.   Little of the planning I put in for the 2014 effort made it into the book, but maybe it’ll work better next time.