2015 Books

Books I’ve read in 2015 – A list purely for my own memory

  1. Drink Smoke Pass Out, Judith Lucy
  2. The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury
  3. Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie
  4. The Man in the High Castle, Phillip K Dick
  5. House of Karls, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
  6. The Left Hand of Darkness, Ursula Le Guin
  7. On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft, Stephen King
  8. The Modern Library Writer’s Workshop: A Guide to the Craft of Fiction, Stephen Koch
  9. Creating Short Fiction, Damon Knight
  10. Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad
  11. Poetics, Aristotle
  12. Bird by Bird: Instructions on Writing and Life, Anne Lamott
  13. Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction, Patricia Highsmith


Books In My To Read Pile

  • Cell, Stephen King
  • How to Crack Cryptic Crosswords, Tim Moorey
  • The Odyssey, Homer
  • Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift
  • The Heike Story, Eiji Yoshikawa
  • Early Modern Europe 1450-1789, Merry Wiesner-Hanks
  • Modern Anthropology in Australasia and Beyond, Yasmine Musharabash
  • Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity, Ray Bradbury
  • The Paris Review Interview: Volume 1
  • A Writer’s Notebook, W Somerset Maugham
  • Aspects of the Novel, E.M. Forster
  • Becoming a Writer, Dorothea Brande


Short Stories Read this year

  1. The Anomaly, CW Johnson  (Analog Dec 2014)
  2. All Too Human, Paul Carlson  (Analog Dec 2014)
  3. Humans First, Kyle Kirkland  (Analog Dec 2014)
  4. Dino Mate, Rosemary Claire Smith  (Analog Dec 2014)
  5. Mammals, David Levine  (Analog Dec 2014)
  6. Saboteur, Ken Liu  (Analog Dec 2014)
  7. Twist of Coil, Miki Dare  (Analog Dec 2014)
  8. Racing the Tide, Craig DeLancey  (Analog Dec 2014)
  9. Flow, Arlan Andrews Sr (Analog Nov 2014)
  10. Persephone Descending, Derek Kunsken (Analog Nov 2014)
  11. Superior Sapience, Robert Chase (Analog Nov 2014)
  12. An Exercise in Motivation, Ian Creasey (Analog Nov 2014)
  13. Habeas Corpus Callosium, Jay Werkheiser (Analog Nov 2014)
  14. Conquest, Bud Sparhawk (Analog Nov 2014)
  15. Elysia, Elysium, VG Campen (Analog Nov 2014)
  16. Mercy, Killer, Auston Habershaw (Analog Nov 2014)
  17. Tasha’s Fail-safe, Adam Troy Castro (Analog March 2015)
  18. Brigas Nunca Mais, Martin L Shoemaker (Analog March 2015)
  19. Karma Among the Cloud Kings, Brian Trent (Analog March 2015)
  20. Robot Boss, Erick Melton (Analog March 2015)
  21. After, Ron Collins (Analog March 2015)
  22. Blue Ribbon, Marrisa Lingen (Analog March 2015)
  23. Phenol-Faerie, Jay Werkheiser (Analog March 2015)
  24. Second Birthday, Elisabeth Adams (Analog March 2015)n
  25. The Badges of Her Grief, Andrew Barton (Analog March 2015)
  26. An Immense Darkness, Eric James Stone (Analog March 2015)
  27. The Extraodrinary Extraterrestrial Togo Mouse From Ghana, Ryan W Norris (Analog March 2015)
  28. Defender of Worms, Richard A Lovett (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  29. Malnutrition, JT Sharrah (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  30. Just Browsing, Stephen Lombard (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  31. The Great Leap of Shin, Henry Lien (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  32. Usher, Jay Werkheiser (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  33. Space Bugs, Marianne Dyson (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  34. Ulenge Prime, Chuck Rothman (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  35. Long Way Gone, David L Clements (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  36. Orion, Rising, Arlan Andrews Sr (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  37. The Yoni Sutra, Priya Chand (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  38. Why the Titanic Hit the Iceberg, Jerry Oltion (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  39. Fool’s Errand Judith Tarr (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  40. Samsara and Ice, Andy Dudak (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  41. Marduk’s Folly, Sean Vivier (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  42. Unmother, Lex Wilson (Analog Jan/Feb 2015)
  43. God is Good, Dennis McFadden (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  44. Hemingway’s Typewriter, Michael Haskins (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  45. Doctor, Doctor, William Link (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  46. Last Call, Lou Manfredo (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  47. Om, Melissa Yi (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  48. Police Navidad, Josh Pachter (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  49. Born Mean, Ruth Moose (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  50. Christmas, Etc, Is Coming, Bill James (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  51. The Bar Story, Ron Carlson (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  52. Christmas Eve at the Exit, Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  53. A letter to Santa, Ragnar Jonasson (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  54. Chung Ling Soo’s Greatest Trick, Russell W Johnson (Ellery Queen Jan 2015)
  55. The Man with the Twisted Lip, Terence Faherty (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  56. Our Little Secret, Barbara Nadel (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  57. Leap of Faith, Brenden Dubois (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  58. The Hunt, Ron Brunet (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  59. Crazy Cat Ladies, Jane Haddam (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  60. Lakeside Memories, Michael Haynes (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  61. Accessory to Murder, OA Tynan (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  62. The Trouble with Virgins, Thomas K Carpenter (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  63. Fall of a Fantasy, Jim Allyn (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  64. After the Fall, Bram Dehouk (Ellery Queen Feb 2015)
  65. Ward 6, Sheila Kohler (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  66. It’s a Wonderful Rat Race, James Poweell (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  67. Deep Shaft, Suzanne Arruda (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  68. The Mushroom Picker, Peter Turnball (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  69. The Odds are Against Us, Art Taylor (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  70. The Golden Peacock, Joan Richter (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  71. The Ocean, Michael Weinreb (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  72. The Lure of the Green Door, Norizuki Rintaro (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  73. The Howling at the Moon, Paul D Marks (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  74. Getaway Girl, Zoe Z Dean (Ellery Queen Nov 2014)
  75. Equatorial, Joyce Carol Oates (Ellery Queen Dec 2014)
  76. The Messenger, Kevin Wignall (Ellery Queen Dec 2014)
  77. Who You Been Grapplin’ With, Bill Pronzini (Ellery Queen Dec 2014)
  78. My Sweet Angel of Death, Hilary Davidson (Ellery Queen Dec 2014)
  79. Roller-Coaster Ride, Christine Poulson (Ellery Queen Dec 2014)
  80. The Tavern Keeper’s Daugher, Miriam Grace Monfredo (Ellery Queen Dec 2014)
  81. Concrete Town, Michael Wiley (Ellery Queen Dec 2014)
  82. Red-Handed, Rene Appel (Ellery Queen Dec 2014)
  83. Judgement Day, Allen J Emerson (Ellery Queen Dec 2014)

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